Our Mission
  • To assist companies and firms to enhance their performance by way of appreciating the ability to improve, inherent in every person, group or organization.
  • To teach applicable tools and with them to drive long-term improvement processes.
  • To learn and to be innovative in the implementation of tools and approaches that have proven to be of added value to the organization.


4s is a group composed of several experts in the fields of management, environmenmt and operations. This is a group of senior expert consultants who have been working as a team since the year 2000.
Each an expert in his own field, together we create solutions aimed at achieving bottom-line results.
Over recent years we have been consultants to many firms in the field of performance improvement.

We have amassed considerable experience in the following areas:

  • Improvement of lateral core processes in the organization; improvement of work methods; improvement of work interfaces – according to the Lean principles
  • Environmental management and environmental consulting
  • Building simulations and management games
  • Developing training manuals
  • Management and leading of multi-year improvement programs, and specialized projects

    Contact us:
    972-52-8378263, 972-4-9535534




  • Noam Salinger Industrial Engineer‚ Lean Implementation Expert
  • Hagit Snir MBA‚ Environmental consultant
  • Vered Eyal-Saldinger Environmental consultant
    MA Nature Resources & Environmental Management